Market Price: $1.64
Change Percent: -2.96%


Market Price: $1.21
Change Percent: -2.42%
gold investment report


Inside Amex Exploration’s Core Shack in Normétal


Photos of visible gold in the core from news release October 13, 2021


Photographs of the massive to disseminated sulphides Cu-rich lens intersected in drill hole PEX-21-083. Abbreviations : Cp - Chalcopyrite; MS - Massive sulphides; Sp - Sphalerite; Po - Pyrrhotite; Py - Pyrite


Photos of visible gold in core from news release September 7, 2021


Visible gold in core from news release June 28, 2021


Photos of Visible Gold (VG) from holes of the High Grade Zone, new release May 26, 2021


Vancouver Resource Investment Conference January 19-21, 2020


Property Tour December 2019 – Core Shack and Drill Site Visit